Chris SantaMaria,

certified trainer x coach

When Chris moves, the world stops. Don’t let looks fool you. Bottled into his pocket-sized frame is a world of high energy and powerful intention. With nearly 10 years of experience, CSM workouts will challenge you both physically and mentally, but more importantly, empower you to build a better relationship with yourself.


If you don't know him for his skills at 305 fitness,

then you may know him for his obsession with kettlebells.

Chris’s focus and soulful strength will motivate you to go the extra mile,

even when you think you can’t go any further. Always fully present and engaged, he brings a larger-than-life presence to everything he does.

His creativity and infectious energy combined with his knowledge and skill make the perfect recipe for a mind-over-matter, beast-mode workout that is guaranteed to be an

all-around sweaty good time.